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Pick A
Perfect Party

All activities follow the theme in each book:
Birthday Party Bags – Easy Decorations – Crafts
Food Recipes – Fun Games. For Birthday Parties,
School and Home Projects, Summer Camps and
After School Clubs. Ideal for use by parents,
teachers, club leaders and counselors.
Easy! Inexpensive! Creative! Fun!

For Kids Ages 4-6-7-9 and 10-12

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Soft Cover and Print on Demand

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Elaine Davida Sklar (playwright, lyricist, producer, director, and educator) was the Artistic Director of The Greenwich Repertory Theater, and directed for The Connecticut Playmakers. Ms. Sklar served as Drama Chairman for The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and co-founded The Children’s Theater Workshops. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Communication from The University of Michigan, and a Master’s in Education from Manhattanville College. Elaine created the musical Bully No More! published by Tams-Witmark and Concord Theatricals.
Ms. Sklar co-wrote an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: A Rap-A-Dap-Ta-Tion  with Bob Zaslow, and wrote the book for the new blues/pop musical Delilah Sky with award-winning Nashville composers, The Twangtown Paramours. Elaine Davida wrote two bilingual, children’s, English-Spanish books, Good News! Grandma’s Back, and Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee! and is the author of a new murder mystery edited by Mary Cole of Andrea Brown Literary Agency and  The Good Story Company. Ms. Sklar directed Stop The World, I Want To Get Off! Sweet Charity, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Mousetrap, Gypsy, Bells Are Ringing, The Seven Year Itch, 50 Years of Music! John Wayne’s Movie Has Been Canceled, Two For The Seesaw, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, and The Wizard of Oz. Elaine Davida co-wrote 12  birthday parties/crafts/games/ and activities books: Pick A Perfect Party Series with Jayne Brug Callahan. Elaine lives in Vermont where she is a Founder of The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center.

Book Shelf

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Come one, come all! Step right up, the Circus is here! The festivities begin with delightful games such as the Ringmaster Run Around, Ring the Seal, and Feed The Elephants. The excitement continues when the children become roaring lions, jumping horses, rolling elephants, and leaping tigers at the Animal Trainer Obstacle Course. Music fills the big top and Dancing Horses gallop and prance. Then the Circus Tent parachute is raised and balls are juggled, snakes are charmed, and pop corn pops. Suspense is in the air during the High Wire Walker relay and the Acrobat Antics. The gaiety concludes with a Clown Costume Relay and marching to calliope music at the Circus Parade.

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Blast Off into Outer Space on an imaginary trip that is full of song, dance, crafts, and games. Race to be the first to pack your bags in Blastoff Bingo. Then Climb Aboard and twinkle with the stars, spin with the planets, and roll with the asteroids. Discover unknown planets and strange aliens in Cosmic Creations and use them to make a glow-in-the-dark universe. Go Galaxy Exploring and fall into craters, climb over mountains, dodge asteroids, and leap through Saturn’s rings. Flag The Planet to show that you were there. Repair a broken satellite and when you have the Mission Accomplished, go on a Space Rock Search. Shoot To The Moon and play the Alien Run Around. Then travel the Interstellar Speedway back to Earth and wrap up all the fun at an honorary Astronaut Parade.

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Ahoy, Mateys! Come and sail the ocean blue! Everyone will agree, “It’s a pirate’s life for me!” while playing games and relays such as the Pet Bird Run Around, Toss The Fish To The Sea, Find The Flag, Pirate Bingo, and Sweep The Deck, Matey. The Pirates dodge sharks in Walk The Plank and climb mountains, explore caves, and crawl through the forest in the Island Food Search. The Pirate Captain takes the crew on a Treasure Hunt adventure.

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The Royal Castle invites you to a party! Put Humpty Dumpty together again, march with The Noble Duke of York, and catch Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Join Knights and Ladies at London Bridge, create Wizard Bubbles, and Ring The Unicorn Horn. Perform with the Jolly Jester, Hunt For Dragons, ride in The Royal Tournament, Watch Out For Alligators with the Prince and Princess, and dance at The Castle Ball with the King and Queen.

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Dive Beneath The Deep Blue Sea for a splashing good time and a wave full of fun and games. Go exploring in See The Sea, hide from the dangers of the deep in Seaweed Safety, and create a Whale Of A Tale to share with your friends. Feed The Shark a tasty treat, avoid obstacles in the Manatee Dodge, and use your imagination in What’s The Porpoise. Race to survive in the Turtle Trek, wiggle your way through Living Coral, and discover some amazingly strange and bizarre creatures in Octopus Oddities. With all this excitement, you may never want to return to land again.

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7 9 Hooray For Hollywood 1 scaled e1678224785536

Hooray For Hollywood! is full of glitz, glamour, and games galore. Everyone rises to stardom as they perform in Acting Classes, pose for a Picture Perfect photo, and practice Spectacular Stunts. They go sightseeing and search for handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, spend moolah in the Rodeo Drive Shopping Spree, and race to find the most stars at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. They land their first big part in Lights! Camera! Action! and dodge their fans in the Movie Star Disguise Relay. Everyone goes home a star!


The Mexican Fiesta is a fun-packed, action party. There are non-stop games and relays, such as Marketplace Run Around, Bolas En La Canasta, Bunch of Beans, Donkey Goes to Town, Beat The Heat To The Old Shade Tree, Siesta Time Pillow Match, Pick A Pretty Flower, and Jumping Bean Hopscotch. A new version of the traditional Piñata, and the lively Mexican Hat Dance wrap up the festivities. Olé!

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The Wizard conjures up a batch of Invisible Ink, mixes A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That, commands Talented Raisins to perform, takes a Wild Broom Ride To The Moon, and transforms you with the Hocus Pocus Wand. Create A Cape and amaze your friends with Crystal Ball Predictions and tricks like Flip Flop Without A Drop, Now You See It, Now You Don’t, Snippity Snip, Power Powder, Magic Cloth And Comb, Stacked Stripes, and Stop That Pop. Everyone is initiated as an apprentice and takes home the wonderful Wizard’s Potions, Spells, and a Tricks Book.


Caretakers of the Planet, unite! The negative energies of the Dark Invaders are attacking Planet Earth and they have destroyed the golden universal Icon of Happiness. Help the forces of good prevail over evil by assisting in a series of crafts, rituals, games, and environmental activities. Conjure up the forces of good as you Call For Protection. Save the land and reduce waste by creating Smart Art and playing the Recycle Relay. Beautify the planet as you Stash Your Trash. Keep the air pure and fresh in It Makes Scents and Pot A Plant. Travel with rain and dodge pollution to Save The Sea. Protect the endangered species in Animal Rights, then blow away negativity in Gone With The Winds. Each activity repairs a piece of the icon and when it is completely reassembled, everyone is initiated as an official Caretaker of the Planet.

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Come join the mystical world of Fortune Telling On Gypsy Pond. The amazing Gypsy Leader displays her ability to Take A Peek Into The Past and tell true stories. The secret knowledge of foretelling the future is revealed in rituals and activities such as the Gypsy Request For Truth, Crystal Clear Answers, Domino Predictions, Rune Casting, and Reading Tea Leaves. Everyone is initiated as an honorary gypsy.


Clever and Fun! Actors and Actresses dress in costumes with props, and the audience is in for a special treat! Scripts provided. Activities include The Seasick Pill Guessing Game, The Lifeboat Run Around, and The Criminal and the Victim, as well as the rehearsal and performance of the play, Mystery On The Ocean. Who dunnit? Find out! Suspenseful and Exciting!

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10 12 You Can Do It Television Game Show scaled

Everyone is a winner at the ‘You Can Do It!’ Television Game Show. Contestants race the clock, laughing and competing in a variety of contests. Games such as Trivia Challenge, Marble Madness, The Babysitter Relay, Words of Wisdom, Alphabet Spill, Hug Your Pets, No Wrong Answers, and Condo Creations keep this party moving at a fast pace. Commercial breaks add to the hilarity of it all.

Danielle is only seven years old, but surprises her entire family with her amazing detective skills. Every Sunday, she visits Grandma Rose who is always smiling, baking cookies, and telling jokes. On one visit, Danielle finds her grandma unable to do anything because of her bad back. Through careful detection, clever Danielle discovers the cause of her grandmother’s backache. Subtitled in Spanish. All profits will be donated to help children with AIDS thru Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.


Bilingual: English-Spanish children’s book

Daniela tiene sólo siete años, pero ella sorprende a toda su familia con su increíble habilidad como detective. Todos los domingos, Daniela visita a su abuela Rosa, quien siempre sonríe, hace galletas, y cuenta chistes. En una de sus visitas, Daniela se da cuenta de que su abuela no puede hacer nada debido a un dolor de espalda terrible. Deduciendo cuidadosamente, Daniela descubre la causa del dolor de espalda de su abuela. Traducido al inglés. Todas las ganancias se donarán para ayudar a niños con VIH/SIDA a través de Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

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“It’s not often that a fresh new musical comes along that shines the spotlight on a subject most would rather not discuss. Bully No More! tells a story too many have experienced, using familiar creatures with whom one can identify. Bullying starts early in life, and sets one on a path of infringing on the rights of others. Many never grow up, going through life thinking that might makes right. It has to be faced and corrected early, and this musical tries to do just that. Excellent music and writing make this a must see for the whole family!”   Mike Curtis, Writer of Dick Tracy


Contact Concord Theatricals to read the story,
listen to the songs and license the musical.

Contact bullynomore.musical@gmail.com with questions
and to apply for a $1,500 grant. Easy and short application.

Book and Lyrics by Elaine Davida Sklar
Composed by Jon Gailmor and Elaine Davida Sklar
Additional material by Danielle Peveril













Music/Drama Teachers, Directors, and Principals
You can become the hero and mentor that inspired you to become a respected leader by helping kids change their behavior and lowering bullying incidents through performances of Bully No More!

The Bully No More! Foundation, Ltd. and publisher, Concord Theatricals, has taken a genuine interest in the growing problem of  bullying in schools. The Foundation and the publisher/licensor are 100% committed to helping you impact this issue.

Bully No More! is a musical to be performed BY, and FOR children.

Kids do not always come forward, and they suffer in silence. As a Music/Drama Teacher, Director, or Principal, you can be the catalyst to save and improve the lives of many children.

Elementary schools can perform the show in full, or the music/drama teacher can work with classes or grades, giving them different scenes, and performing them at weekly meetings over a few months, keeping the anti-bullying theme alive in the school.
Middle schools, Girls and Boys Clubs, After School Groups, and Children’s Theaters, can perform the show in full, and may take the liberty of adding or deleting dialogue to make the script relative to their needs and their issues.
AND High Schools, Colleges, Community Theaters, Summer Stocks, and Traveling Troupes can perform Bully No More! for elementary aged kids, or assisted living residents, as a community service.

Bully No More! is about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. The show tells a story that reflects race, gender, learning disabilities, self-confidence, and conveys kindness, acceptance, and bully prevention values.
Bully No More! features nine animal characters, rather than humans who might be stereotyped or stigmatized because of their roles.

The Bully No More! Discussion Guide was written by Prevent Child Abuse VT for elementary school teachers, and encourages every child’s voice to be heard and valued with conversations and activities. Great for classroom use!

Visit Concord Theatricals. Learn about the show and how to license the rights.

We can help you pay for Bully No More!
The Bully No More! Foundation, Ltd.
would like to work with you to introduce this musical with a $1,500 grant to pay the publisher/licensor, Concord Theatricals, for royalties, and to cover your production costs.
Apply for a grant: bullynomore.musical@gmail.com

Bully No More! in ’24! If ‘23 is scheduled, no problem! Grants can be utilized with a commitment to produce Bully No More! in ’24!

As a Music/Drama Teacher, Director, or Principal, you are an influential leader and know that action encourages change. We hope you will take advantage of this entertaining and timely musical, Bully No More!

Ready to learn more?! Contact bullynomore.musical@gmail.com I forward to hearing from you.


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Elaine Davida Sklar
Creator and Project Director for The Bully No More! Foundation, Ltd.

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Governor Phil Scott, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Peter Welch as well as the Founder of Ben & Jerry’s, and the Vermont Secretary of Education all support the value of presenting Bully No More! This flexible, one of a kind musical is endorsed by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Prevent Child Abuse, VT, Partnership With Children, and Stand Up To Bullying.

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More Work by Elaine Davida Sklar

Bilingual books for Children (English/Spanish) by
Elaine Davida Sklar

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 Check out the musical Bully No More!
for children, ages 6-12, to perform in
  elementary schools, camps, and theaters.

Older children and adults can present
  Bully No More! in summer theater camps,
 middle and high schools,
 colleges, and community theaters
 for kids and their families.



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